Visiting the Church

The church is open daily. Come and experience a place which has been prayed in for many many years. Take a moment to pause, enjoy the peaceful surroundings and bask in a special environment.

5 things to know about All Saints Church
Fact 1
The Parish Church was at West Huntspill, but in 1839 a new one was built at East Huntspill and was known as a Chapel of Ease. Thus making it more convenient for the East Huntspill parishioners not to have a long walk if they had no means of transport to their Sunday 

Fact 2
Up until 1976 East Huntspill had its own Vicar. Today the parish is joined with West Huntspill and Mark.

Fact 3
The Church boasts box pews which makes it unique to the area.

Fact 4
The Church has an east facing altar.

Fact 5
The bell tower and chime of eight bells, was added in 1966 and can be heard on special occasions.