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Revd Chris JudsonJuly 2021 Jackanory!


Jackanory imageDo you remember Jackanory?  If so, you may be revealing something about your age!  Broadcast by the BBC from 1965 to 1996, with a few small revivals since, it was very simple – an actor, with a book in hand, telling a story.  Simple, but beautiful and powerful too.  The show’s title came from an old English nursery rhyme, which dates back to 1760: ‘I’ll tell you a story, About Jack a Nory, And now my story’s begun; I’ll tell you another, Of Jack and his brother, And now my story is done.’   

I wonder how you feel about stories?  Whether a book, a play, a film or a camp-fire tale, I love a good story.  We often think of a story as something made up, indeed ‘telling stories’ can even mean ‘telling lies’, but most stories have truth in them – even ‘Fairy Stories’ – and they connect with our own stories in all manner of ways. 

As I’ve been putting pictures up in the Rectory, and sorting through my haphazard collection of ornaments, I’ve been reminded of lots of stories – from different times and places, concerning people I’ve known and loved and how their lives have connected with mine.  So many stories….

Getting to know people is a fascinating journey of discovery – as we share our stories, seeking to explain something of who we are.  In my role as vicar, I have the privilege of encountering many people and listening to their stories.  Through good times and bad, the story of our own life is written, and we can draw strength and inspiration from the stories of others around us too.  I’m very much looking forward to learning something of your story when we get a chance to meet!

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting a family to plan and prepare for the baptism of their son when we found ourselves dipping and diving into the treasure trove of stories that is the Bible.  They reckoned they didn’t know much of the Bible, but we did a whistle-stop tour and found that they knew a myriad of stories, including Noah’s Ark, the fight between David & Goliath, Moses in the bulrushes, Jesus calming the storm.  The list grew in seconds, and they each connected with our own stories, giving much food for thought.  The common thread through them all was that we are each lovable and loved!

Whatever is happening for you at the moment, may the months ahead give you the chance to enjoy some stories (in whatever way you enjoy), to reflect on your own story, to engage with the stories of those around you, and to recognise that you are of infinite worth and deeply loved by the author of life itself!

God bless you,

Rev Chris

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